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Difficult Behaviour – Five Key Factors

There are five key factors to consider before you attempt to handle any difficult behaviour. This video tells you what they are.

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Who Does Personal Consulting Help?

Who does Personal Consulting help? There’s no single type of person who comes to see me, but there are some common factors. One of these is that people who seek professional help recognise that something must change, and they’re prepared to do something about it.
Another common factor is their stamina and resilience, though often they don’t see it like that, at first.

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Why Do We Always Hurt The One We Love?

Well, not always, of course. Still, if we’re honest, most of us can identify with the words of the song: “Here we go again, Hurting each other for no reason Wondering why we keep repeating The same mistakes…” The truth is, we’ve all behaved towards someone we love, in ways we’d be ashamed for our […]

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