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Personal Consulting and Life Choices

Personal consulting helps with life choices. When you feel stuck, or you need someone to bounce ideas off, or talk them through before making an important decision.

I developed the model out of necessity, I’ve published an article explaining how and why.

Your Problem Has a Solution

Knowing that your problem has a solution can be reassuring, but what about if the solution is out of reach? When you are facing a problem or challenge in life it’s easy to feel isolated and alone. This often means that you will struggle longer than necessary, believing that you have to deal with the […]

Mindfulness at Work

So much is being said (and claimed) about the many benefits of mindfulness at work it can be hard to distinguish between valuable information and hype.

This video by Mark Lesser is a refreshing change.

Online Courses from Barry Winbolt

My new online courses will be launched soon. Some are free, and they are all low cost, great value, and easy to follow.

Sign up to be kept informed and you’ll receive extra discounts and earlybird access to be ahead of the crowd.

Personal Consulting and SFBT

If you want to improve any aspect of your life it helps to work with someone who knows how to do it. Contact me for ideas, guidance and support.

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Let's Meet via Skype

Let’s have a Skype conversation about how I can help you or your organisation.

If you have something you’d like help with, contact me. We can discuss what I can offer and you can decide if I’m right for you.


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Staff Training

What do you want staff training to do? It’s all very well using words like ‘inspire’, ‘motivate’ and ‘engage’, but these don’t say what attendees should be able to do differently, or better, as a result of training.

A title can whet the appetite, and a programme gives flavour, but if training is to nourish people’s minds it needs to connect with their experience so that they can see the value in what they are being taught.

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NEW – Online Learning

My online learning platform is being redeveloped. Go to OneMinuteIdeas to see how.

OneMinuteIdeas is a new platform devoted to online learning and personal development. This is personal and professional development made easy. Learn and develop yourself and your thinking with instant courses and resources.

Clear concise LifeHacks that you can digest in minutes, self-coaching WorkOuts, or a more in depth E-Course.

Designed so you’ll get a better handle on yourself and life in general.

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