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I have been devoting quite a bit of time to my new blog lately. There is a lot going on and I’m posting daily. Eventually, when I see how its going, I may combine my two blogs (this one and that on). For the time being it would be great if you could sign up […]

Contemplating mindfulness

As we go about our business and the business of life we are expected to act. We behave as though our value to ourselves and others is based entirely on what we do or what we produce, rather than who we are.

Some people are constantly saying how busy they are and how there is no time for this-and-that. The paradox is, the less time you think you have the more we can benefit from making space for contemplation.

What could go wrong? Don’t ask.

A new plague has silently swept across the English speaking world infecting office cultures, leaving employees vulnerable and unprepared for when things go wrong. Not everyone if affected, but where it strikes its effects are pernicious conformity that corrodes creativity and heightened suspicion of individuality.

The effects are easy to recognise. The main one is that it leads to an office culture where it is taboo to talk about what could go wrong.

Positive News

For almost 100 years psychologists have been saying that we should protect ourselves from unremitting negativity, catastrophising and the constant worry of bad news.
That which we focus on becomes our reality, so too much content filled with negativity and disaster does our heads in, as they say. Here’s the antidote.

My New Online Store

This is a BIG improvement on the old system. Buy and download my Brief Manuals – like my Bullying Survival Guide and SFBT Manual – order books and more.

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Coaching and Therapy

If you want to improve any aspect of your life it helps to work with someone who knows how to do it. Whether change is something we seek or whether it is thrust upon us, we can seize the moment and use it as a starting point for creating the life we want.

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On-Line Learning

Why send people out for time-consuming training when the content can be delivered to them right at their desks? My webinars hit the spot. They are concise, to the point with the right mix of anecdote, instruction and examples, so ideas can be remembered and put into practice straight away.

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Step away from your daily demands and to devote some time to yourself and your personal development. Perhaps you feel like stepping off the treadmill for a break, or you need to create some space to think about a change or transition… Take advantage of our special spring promotion, just £38.00 for a one day workshop. Watch the video here.

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