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Barry Winbolt

Hi, I’m Barry Winbolt.

I write daily posts on topics that will help you get a better handle on yourself and life in general.

The idea is to show how easy it is improve emotional wellbeing and to sweep away the doubts and uncertainties that often prevent people from sorting out the things that trouble them.

On my blog I post self-help ideas, and signpost guidance for avoiding many of the common psychological traps we can fall into.

If you want help to make change I provide Brief Therapy, a convenient and accessible resource that you could consider whenever you are stuck with a problem you’d like some help resolving.



Latest from the blog

Facts, Opinions and Assumptions – How Often Do You Check?

Fact checking is something we’d often prefer not to do. Even the best critical thinkers can be deluded, mistaken, or swayed, when it suits us.

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Hearing What’s Needed

When you hear it, make sure you understand what is meant, in that particular case.

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Blame, Responsibility and Solutions

These are not necessarily connected, so don’t get them mixed up.

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