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“Today’s training was very sophisticated and very rewarding. Clearly grounded in research and evidence based. Valuable.”

Assistant Director of Public Health, NHS.

“I believe all staff should do this training, it should be given as mandatory.”

University Lecturer (attending How to Deal with Difficult People)

The most enlightening workshop I have attended in a long time. A lot of ideas and things I can use. Thank you.

Benefits Team Manager

“Your seminar on Difficult People was well organised, light-hearted and friendly but not light weight. Very useful tactics for dealing with workplace conflicts.”

HR Manager

“Thank you for the course, it was excellent. I think everybody in the world needs this training, and you can quote me on that”.

Ben Holt, Team Leader, Prince’s Trust Team Programme

“One of the best day’s I’ve ever attended. I wish I’d had this as part of my original training.”

Karen Smith, Special Needs Teacher

“There are very few trainers who are absolutely clear about identifying what is required for the participants’ needs and delivering it. Barry was able to do this and teach the essential tools in a day, which is quite an achievement. I was impressed with his breadth of knowledge and insight into the subject.”

Anger Management Counsellor.

“Many thanks for a very interesting and informative couple of days. We gave you top marks in our review of the course saying we would like to have more courses run by you in the future.”

Chris Norgate, Crew Manager, Hampshire Fire and Rescue

“A brilliant course (Conflict Resolution and Mediation Skills). Far more interesting, useful and entertaining than I expected.”


“A well structured and informative course. The facilitator has an excellent delivery approach.”

Business Manager, NHS.

“Anyone who can keep the group on track the way you did gets my vote. Thanks for and excellent day, I have recommended you to other departments.”

Gerry Smith, Social Worker

“The variety of teaching methods, resources and pair-work made the two days very engaging. I feel inspired and confident to start introducing the tools into my area of work. Top marks for everything.”

Speech and Language Therapist, Sheffield NHS Trust

“I attended your ‘How to Deal with Difficult People’ workshop in Harrogate, it was the most memorable workshops I have ever attended and still use your strategies daily!!  Do you still run this workshop day?  And if so will you be around in Yorkshire anytime soon?  I would love to brush up my skills and have a friend who I think could benefit as well.”

Sally Loftus, Nursery Manager

This workshop should be mandatory with (XXX) University induction programme! Fantastic!

University Administrator

“Fantastic! I appreciated your flexibility and willingness to adapt to our needs and timing. Clearly experienced, and tried and tested, which makes a big difference, Thank you.”

NHS Post Graduate Centre Manager, Cardiff.

“During the workshop on Dialogue, Barry said: ‘Touch the people you come into contact with on a daily basis… the effects will ripple out.’ This will help to reduce the frustration and anxieties I feel sometimes at being unable to do more. Thank you.”

Sonia White, Clinical Consultant, Healthcare

“Thank you for the very interesting and inspiring training course on Solution Focused Mediation.  Within a few short minutes of the course beginning I felt that this was going to be the one that made a difference.  Throughout the two days the room was buzzing even as the workshop drew to a close and many were feeling a little tired.  Having since lead a Group Supervision and listened to their encouraging comments, I can assure you that my colleagues and I are looking forward to putting the training into practice.  Indeed some already have, and they were very enthusiastic about the method.”

Faye Bussin, Mediation Practice Supervisor, Manchester

Webinar feedback

“Thanks to Barry and Kathryn for hosting a fantastic session – very informative, inspiring and useful – thanks!!”

“I valued the content on a day when I needed to refocus and use the techniques within the presentation!”       

“Good presentation from a knowledgeable presenter.”                       

“Thank you fantastic speaker and interesting topic. It was very useful, thank you.”

“Thanks Barry, I really appreciate your knowledge and wisdom.”

“Really gained a lot from the content, thank you.”         

“Thank you for the very informative Time Management presentation.”

“That was an excellent and thought provoking session.  Please pass my thanks to Barry.”    

“Thank you for a useful and insightful webinar.”

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