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How to Remedy Guilty Feelings

Manage feelings, confidence boosting

If you are troubled by unwanted feelings of guilt, here’s an exercise that can help. It is part of my soon-to-be-released online course ‘How to be Free of Guilt’.

The trick is to make the feelings disappear by making mischief.

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Workplace valentine?

Thinking about using the opportunity of Valentine’s Day to plunge into a new realationship at work?
Tut-tut! Not finger-wagging, just a suggestion to look before you leap. Sound advice, even if you don’t take it.

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What is ‘real’ conversation?

Most of our conversations work well, and a few don’t, and these are the ones we tend to remember. We could learn more by reflecting on the exchanges that work, and using these four suggestions as a guide to having more healthy conversations.

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Too much choice

Is choice good for us?
When I was a kid crisps came in one variety, ready-salted. We were a comfortable middle-class family but I only remember having two pairs of shoes – one for home and one for school, and when we left school we got a job (and probably kept it).
Now we have choice. Thirty-six varieties of crisp and counting, shoes are a whole fashion industry in themselves, and career planning has spawned an industry!
Having many options is not necessarily better for us, in fact it can distract and limit us. This post says how limiting choice could make our lives better.

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New training titles

Training linked to staff development improves performance, supports staff and meets organisational needs. Requests for training titles seem to go in waves or trends. Here are three topics for managers and staff that have been updated in response to recent, increased demand.

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Questions about bullying

I get a lot of questions about bullying and judging by the Google figures related to my website bullying is a hot topic. I provide training and advice to organisations that want to tackle bullying, and personal consulting for individuals who are concerned that they are being bullied. If you want guidance on the subject, […]

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My Time and Your Time

My time

We think about time even when we don’t know we are thinking about it. We don’t really understand it even though we talk about it a lot.

Most importantly, we think that because we can think about it, we have a handle on it, but we don’t. If the concept of time didn’t exist, how could we think and talk?

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Successful People Fail All the Time

Goals and aspirations are fine, having high standards is good, and you can be proud of your high ideals.

BUT, while all of these things are noble and worthy, they can be hard task-masters and will surely enslave you unless you hold them lightly.

Success comes in many guises, so start by designing one that suits you. Aim to be perfect and to get it right first time by all means, but keep your feet on the ground and hold your high standards lightly.

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