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Simple Solutions Are Best

Faced with a dilemma? Here’s how to choose.

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Leadership Relationships

The much-published ideas on leadership have come under scrutiny in a new study which distinguishes truly exceptional leadership from run-of-the mill management-speak. The research, by the Work Foundation, identifies three principles of outstanding leadership coupled with nine themes that exceptional leaders adhere to.
It adds some surprising insights with practical applications.

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Don’t let the facts stop a good idea

The world of work is replete with good ideas that don’t er… work.
Innovation sounds great but beware of propaganda that perpetuates dodgy thinking, and check the facts. Otherwise you’ll find out how going with the herd tramples on genuine transformation.

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What makes effective staff training?

Organisatons spend millions each year on staff training yet much of it is a waste of money. One pundit recently claimed that people only remember 16% of what they are taught in training. Would any organisation buy another product or service that only worked 16% of the time?

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Truth vs Reality

A big question which is both complicated and simple. Best not go there.

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A Time Management Myth

The usual time management advice is useful, obvious, and no good.

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Breathing – Do It Effectively and Change Your Life

The link between breathing and health has a long history in both the Eastern mystical traditions and Western medicine.

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Does the Popcorn Effect slow learning?

Good news for those of us who go to the cinema too enjoy movies! But it’s got me thinking; are those Lunch and Learn sessions I’ve been doing a waste of time?

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Pessimism – There’s No Future In It

It’s not worth saying anything about this post.

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The Foundations of Resilience 1 – Self Esteem

Self-esteem is much talked about but it doesn’t mean much; it’s more useful to understand what contributes to self-esteem.

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