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Conflict: Agenda for Managers

Conflict at work

When a dispute between employees becomes visible it usually falls to a manager to intervene but few are confident in doing this so they’ll often ignore the conflict in the hope that it’ll go away, downplay the seriousness of the disagreement, or approach it ineffectively.
Research by OPP charts the costs and benefits of conflict, and a guide from CIPD identifies the behaviours that will help managers recognise and proactively manage disputes at work.

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Hope and the Spirit

Spirituality requires no discussion, justification or interpretation, and spiritual practices – such as reflection, mindfulness, meditation – can be experienced as beneficial or even necessary for human fulfillment, and ends in themselves.

Though some religions may have laid claim to our spirituality, no church or belief system owns the spirit; it is not a territory or domain to be settled or dominated by any outside agency.

So perhaps it is time to reclaim the spirit, and free our spirituality of the baggage that we unwittingly invested it with.

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Work-life happiness

There’s life and there’s the job, right? Wrong. Instead of treating work and home as disjointed parts of the same existence, Anna Tims suggests a change in perception rather than a change in circumstances, and so re-infuse our lives with greater purpose and fulfilment. Work is not necessarily the enemy if it is managed correctly, and it can all be achieved without you having to trek through rain forests, climb a mountain or wear sackcloth.

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A New Slant On Difficult Behaviour

A New Slant on Difficult Behaviour

If you have to deal with a difficult person regularly you’ll know that it can be a pain. It may be a minor irritant, but at its worst, persistent difficult behaviour can force you to leave your job and/or make you ill.

Believe it or not, there’s a good side. Here’s why I think that is.

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Sleep is Sacred 2

how much sleep? sleep well

Sleep deprivation is said to start when we get 10% less sleep than we need. We now sleep 20% less than we did before Thomas Edison had his light-bulb moment.

A lot of people complain of poor sleep and losing sleep is bad enough, but feeling bad about it just makes things worse. The stress and worry about how loss of sleep will affect us the following day is enough to keep anyone awake at night!

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Leadership Relationships

leadership relationships

The much-published ideas on leadership have come under scrutiny in a new study which distinguishes truly exceptional leadership from run-of-the mill management-speak. The research, by the Work Foundation, identifies three principles of outstanding leadership coupled with nine themes that exceptional leaders adhere to.
It adds some surprising insights with practical applications.

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Don’t let the facts stop a good idea

The world of work is replete with good ideas that don’t er… work.
Innovation sounds great but beware of propaganda that perpetuates dodgy thinking, and check the facts. Otherwise you’ll find out how going with the herd tramples on genuine transformation.

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What makes effective staff training?

Organisatons spend millions each year on staff training yet much of it is a waste of money. One pundit recently claimed that people only remember 16% of what they are taught in training. Would any organisation buy another product or service that only worked 16% of the time?

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