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Depression shouts at you so loudly that it becomes a whole body experience. Maybe it’s more accurate to say that depression involves the mind and the body. It affects your thoughts and your feelings, and so your behaviour too.

It’s a silent invader but it certainly makes a lot of noise.

The main thing to remember, if you suffer from depression, is that real though it seems to you, there are other realities too. Depression gives you only one viewpoint and it imposes itself by shouting down the competition.

It’s hard to ignore depression, just as it’s hard to ignore the loudest voice in the room, but it can be done.


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Thermometers and Thermostats

Which one are you? A thermometer measures the ambient temperature of its milieu. It checks and reports. A thermostat on the other hand responds to its environment. It also checks, but then it makes little adjustments… it actually influences the environment. You might say that a thermometer is a rather passive receptor, and a thermostat […]

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New SFBT book

At last it is finished. Solution Focused Therapy for the Helping Professions will be published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers on 15th December. Do you want to work more effectively with your clients? You can pre-order now and start the new year with new enthusiasm.

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We Are Natural Problem-Solvers, That’s the Problem

We are problem-solving creatures. We love a challenge and without them we don’t grow and mature fully.

It would be great if an under-used intellect could set its owner crosswords and Sudoku to keep itself busy, but it doesn’t.

What happens next?

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