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Working with difficult people

Difficult people is shorthand for dealing with behaviour we find difficult or unacceptable. It’s often said that there are no such thing as a difficult person, only difficult behaviour. This may be true, but the term difficult people it will get far more heads nodding in understanding than ‘difficult behaviour’ does.

Either way, and the PC niceties aside, when you have to face somebody who is treating you unpleasantly, you’ll pretty soon start labelling them, and, in your own mind, you’ll probably choose far more offensive term than ‘difficult’.

A free resource

To help, here’s a simple two page download which describes seven common styles of difficult behaviour and gives ‘antidotes’ to help you work round them. It also includes some quick focussing techniques with simple mnemonics to remember them by.

These are taken from my e-book Difficult People; a Guide to Handling Difficult Behaviour. While these key ideas are useful as a reminder of how to work round obstructive behaviour, they also serve as a reminder that:

  1. We have control over how other people treat us and
  2. How ever difficult we are finding someone else, it is just behaviour, and behaviour can be managed. With a little commitment and the right mindset these strategies work.

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