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There are over 1,000 posts on this blog. Though I say so myself, some of the ideas are quite useful (I can only say so because that’s what people have told me). So I’m looking at ways of bringing selected posts out of the archive:

Difficult Behaviour – Five Key Factors

Kindness and Conflict Are Not Incompatible

Conflict ‘Hot Buttons’ That Stay Hot

“I Have No Choice” – When Chance Might Be Better

Conflict is Basic, Primitive, and Unimaginative


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Latest from the blog

Too Much Expected of You? Overwhelmed?

We are living in what is probably the richest period of human history, at least in the developed world. By ‘rich’ I mean we have access to more information, more wealth, more variety, more possibility… than we have ever had. This applies to everything, not just good stuff. So, it appears, we also have more […]

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Find a Sacred Place – 2

In an earlier post I wrote about finding a ‘sacred place’. There have been some questions about what I meant by ‘sacred place’.

Maybe this will clarify things a bit. Dictionary definitions seem to equate sacred with religious, and so does St. Google. I mean something different.

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