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Routines and habits are a comforting necessity, but like most things too much of either can make us lose our shine.

Constant ease and settled routines can produce mental sluggishness and dullness of the spirit. Just like air and water, if our thoughts are left to settle in one place our thinking becomes limited and creativity stagnates.

Things need stirring up from time to time. Unexpected turbulence may be initially unwelcome, but it has a place in the grand scheme of things and can be a blessing in disguise.

You can create the same effect by deliberately setting yourself challenges. These don’t have to be of the Guinness Book of Records variety, nor Herculean feats of achievement. You can stir things up by changing a habit, altering a routine, or setting yourself a task that takes you out of your comfort zone.

If some things can’t be changed, look for what stimulates and excites within the limits of the situation.


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