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There are two types of situation where I think that the old KISS maxim (Keep It Simple Stupid) is worth remembering.

The first is involves any course of action (e.g. making, doing, going). Keeping it simple will help get you started, and in all sorts of ways thereafter.

The second relates to explanations (e.g. reasons, causes, diagnoses); the law of parsimony says that the simplest is the most likely.


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“I Can’t Say No”.

How to say 'no'

It’s often easier to get someone to say “No” than it is to get them to say “Yes”. But some people get caught in a self-defeating loop by generalising the difficulty they have with refusal.

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Life Choices and Personal Consulting

Personal Consulting

Personal consulting helps with life choices, when you feel stuck or you need someone to bounce ideas off or talk them through before making an important decision.

I developed the model out of necessity, I’ve published an article explaining how and why.

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