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A few weeks ago I said that my new online course How to Be Free of Guilt and Other Unwanted Emotions would be made available in September.

Well, it wasn’t, and I’m owning up; it’s my fault that I missed my own deadline. There’s good news associated with the bad, just as there usually is.

First though, I apologise for keeping you waiting, and I hope I haven’t inconvenienced you too much. It shouldn’t be too long before the course is available to you. If the delay is in any way a problem, email me and I’ll provide any information that I can to make amends.

I do feel a little guilty about it, but not much. There are reasons for this that are actually useful learning points as well.

The first of these is that I’m reminding myself about aspects of making an apology; it must be sincere, and it must be uncluttered with excuses, mitigations or explanations (disguised excuses), that invalidate the  apology. How often do we hear it “I’m sorry for the trouble I caused, but…”, or “I’m sorry I hurt you, it wasn’t intentional, and besides you shouldn’t have…”. Qualifications like this undo the effect of the apology, whatever the ‘justifications’.

The second learning point is that I feel much better having acknowledged my broken promise, and  apologised. Facing up to a personal failing can be cathartic, and aopologising can help the apologiser, whether or not the offended person accepts it.

(Notice that I am not expecting, nor asking, to be forgiven. That’s another exercise altogether. It might follow an apology, but that’s entirely at the offended person’s discretion; asking for it can also interfere with the apology.)

So what is the Good that comes out of the missed deadline?

The delay is caused by problems with the delivery system; the software I was planning to use to deliver my online courses turned out to me more complicated than I’d envisaged. It also didn’t do a couple of things I need it to do. After struggling with it for a long time, this week I decided to abandon it, and install a completely new system. While better, it will take a little time to set up properly, hence the delay.

The new system is much easier for me to use and, more importantly, it’ll be more appealing and accessible for the end user too. Overall, changing systems will be a great benefit and I’ll have a much better way of getting training courses to you; they’ll be quicker to write and prepare, easier to publicise, and MUCH more effective as modules for learning.

And there’s MORE GOOD NEWS. The extra setting-up time has given me space for thinking and improving the product; I’m introducing a FREE TRAINING in the form of mini-courses on some of the topics I’ll be offering. One of these is How to be Free of Guilt, and another is How to Improve Your Sleep.

So, please hang on a little longer. It’ll be worth the wait, and because of the free mini-courses you’ll be able to try before you buy (although the cost of the full courses is so low you won’t be saving much!).

Sign up to my newsletter or follow me in Facebook if you want to be kept fully up to date with developments, and of course I’ll be letting my loyal blog readers know in good time when I have the launch date for my online courses. It won’t be long.


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