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It comes as no surprise to anyone working in mental health, that mental ill-health is more often caused by experience than by biology or genes. Unfortunately, it seems, the funding just isn’t available for woolly stuff like emotions and behaviour. Science is sexy and it’s easier to get research funding for things like brain chemistry and genetics.

There’s also another area of confusion that contributes to mental health being constantly under-funded. Studying the causes is all very well, but what is really needed are effective treatments which produce positive outcomes for sufferers.

Knowing about the cause of a problem can be useful in correcting the social and other problems that lead to mental ill-health. But, it’s not essential or even necessary when treating, say, depression or anxiety, to understand the cause. The urgency is to treat the effects, which means tackling the symptoms to relieve the suffering.

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The Telegraph: Mental illness mostly caused by life events not genetics, argue psychologists.


One Response to “Mental Health Problems are Mostly Caused by Life Events”

  1. ABSOLUTELY… if ‘government’ governed for people, not shareholders, and humans could know they can get the basic requisites a human needs – work, healthcare, good schooling, transport and utilities & above all, respect – societal depression and fear would fall tremendously. Maybe the psychological and therapy world could come together with a louder voice and say more…after all, it is that sector of society now hearing the pain of our dysfunctional society more than any other….


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