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I announced my new online courses some months ago, and here’s an update.

Things have taken a little longer than planned. This is partly due to me wanting to get it right, and complicated by a last-minute change to the software that underpins my online learning system.

I want all my courses to be quick and effective in helping you learn your chosen topic and develop your skills, so I’ve given a lot of time and attention to researching and writing each module, and the supporting exercises.

Online learning software is developing fast, and a couple of months ago a new developer came up with a state of the art platform that makes the whole business easier and more fun. I can now deliver courses more quickly, and they’ll be much simpler for you to access and use.

Once I’d seen the new courseware demonstrated, I had to have it. It put my launch plans back by three months but, you’ll see, it’ll be worth the wait.

I’ll be launching the first four titles soon. At least one of them will be free, and others will all be low-cost typically under £30 (or $50 US) for an online course with up to eight hours of tuition, practical exercises and a reading list for further study if you choose.

The great thing about my courses is that they will all be modular, so that you can take them in bite-sized chunks, both on a desktop computer or portable device like a touchpad or phone. They’ll also include practical exercises to help with the learning.

I’ll release info about these first topics next week and I’ll also be making an exclusive offer to the people who have shown interest ahead of time, and that could include you. Simply sign up. I’ll keep you posted and, as a thank you for your interest and support, you’ll be ahead of the crowd; I’ll give you access to the courses at a discount rate AND before they go on general release.

There’s nothing you have to do

This is just a ‘heads up’. Simply look out for my next newsletter so you’ll know what’s going on. And if you want to help, there’s still time to tell your friends and colleagues about these online courses. If they sign up before the courses go live, they’ll also receive all the benefits above.

Best wishes for 2016, may the (learning) force be with you.


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