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You may know I have a thing about goats. Contact with any animals is good for us (well the right sort of contact that is), and I think we should have more opportunities to interact with them.

Time for some light relief:


One Response to “One for the Goat Fans”

  1. Dear Barry I met you some years ago when you led a work shop in Birmingham one cold and snowy December and signed up for your newsletters. I thought I would write to you because I have been going through a difficult time, having lost my job through organisational change, now facing an imminent redundancy. Your posts have been so important to me and kept me going. There has always been something in every post that has connected to me and my situation that has given me hope, perspective and strength. So I wanted to let you know, and to say thank you, you have been a real friend to me these last few months, and keep up the good work, Best wishes Rebecca

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