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I never know what’s going to prod me into action when I write on this blog, and I’m often surprised by the topics and ideas that cross my mind, but I’m happy that they do.

I would be wouldn’t I? Ive been thinking about the stuff I write about for years (and years). Like anyone who has a passion I like to share it. I also understand that it’s not going to excite everyone as much as it does me.

As for the topics I choose – though quite often they choose me – I know that I won’t be able to get your attention with everything I write. What’s more, I can’t really predict what’s going to be well received; I write something that I’m quietly pleased with myself about but it bombs. By contrast, I chuck in the odd ill-prepared idea and worry that people won’t understand, and it turns out to be a top-scoring post. It just goes to show… as they say.

And some topics (spirituality is one, and I’m learning that guilt is another), seem to make some people feel queasy, so they’ll shy away from a given post on a topic that pushes one of their buttons.

I notice this in myself, and I’ve learned that when I feel put off by something, if I can forestall my initial judgement and stick with it, I often learn something that’s useful to me.

Remove the ‘Q’ and queasy becomes easy.


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