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We are brought up to believe that if somebody hurts or offends us we should forgive, but for most of us that is a step too far. There’s an intermediate point that we must first reach which will start the healing process.

If somebody has hurt or offended you, you don’t have to forgive them, but you do have to ACCEPT that things are as they are. Refusal to accept a situation is one of the biggest obstacles to progress through life because it ties us up with Resentment, Resistance and several other Rs like Retaliation.

Acceptance doesn’t mean letting somebody else of the hook. It means working on the only part of the equation we have control over, ourselves. Acceptance happens in the here and now, and it carries us into the future.

Accept the situation, and you can move on to allow something useful to come from it. Refuse to accept and you get stuck with it.


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