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Solution Focused Conflict Resolution

Learn Solution Focused Conflict Resolution

Institute of Family Therapy, London, 3rd July 2017

We generally fear conflict, perhaps that is why we fail to equip ourselves with the skills for handling it well.

If you work with people – like it or not – you’ll be called upon to handle conflict. It could be between family members, colleagues, or even between yourself another.

The Institute is hosting my one-day workshop. On the day, I’ll give you a clear plan, and the tools, to encourage full engagement by the disputing parties and then to manage conflicts with confidence and flair.

You’ll learn how fears of conflict actually worsens the situation, and how to break the patterns that lead to escalation and stalemate.

You’ll also learn about the role of conflict resolver, and how to avoid ‘taking on’ a problem which disputants must handle themselves. Adopting a solution focused approach will help you identify the strengths and resources needed by the disputants for them to transcend the ‘conflict mindset’ and achieve more fruitful outcomes.

Above all, this one-day workshop on Solution Focused Conflict Resolution will provide you with a clear framework, tactics and strategies which will enable you to intervene confidently and effectively in order to increase your success rate in helping others to resolve conflict.

Join us, there are still a few places left. Hit the button below to find out more.

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