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Whatever your job, if you are enthusiastic about what you do, you don’t have to be ‘in the office’ to be doing it.

There’s a commonly held misconception that ‘work’ looks a particular way, and ‘leisure’ looks like something else. But the mind never stops working, and it doesn’t generally recognise the difference. In fact, have you noticed? It’s often when you stop ‘work’ and start ‘leisure’ that the ideas or a solution to a work problem will suddenly occur to you.

The mind never stops working and so when we are interested in something we are working on it even when it might not appear that we are.

The flip-side of this that the pressure to ‘get things done’ and ‘show results’ often gets in the way of doing valuable work. This applies to creative endeavours, of course, but it’s no less important in jobs that are seen as purely manual. Thinking is still an element of what you do.


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