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"I just wanted to say thanks! Your ideas are really starting to make a difference to my life at home and work already."


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What Others Are Saying

Since completing your course (on resilience) I am learning to bounce back much more effectively now, thankfully.
Georgia – Mother and full time carer
You have inspired me to re-start a daily routine of exercises, and myself and my colleague who work within mental health are starting to look into how these concepts can help us support our patients too.
Martin – NHS Dietitian
I thought your presentation was fabulous and I so enjoyed listening to what you said. Thank you very much for the day and insight into Mindfulness.
Janice – Parenting Coach
It was so refreshing to feel on an equal footing with the person in the role of therapist. Thank you again for your knowledge, skills, care and support and your very positive view on depression, so well shared.
Therapy Client

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Is it worth seven minutes of your time to learn how to stop an argument? Like most people, I learned the hard way how NOT to do it. But then, 25 years as a professional conflict resolver has taught me a thing or two about how to stop an argument, now I’m sharing it with you.

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