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Latest from the blog

What Goats Don’t Know

Return to a theme. These all have a point, and this one struck a chord with me because, like these goats, I was never told by my parents about what I couldn’t do.

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My New Training School is Now Open

Barry Winbolt online training

Be your own Life Coach and build your skills and knowledge effortlessly with online courses that tell you what you need to know and give you the tools to put it into practice right away. You can access all my online personal development courses at my new school. I have just added ‘Sleep – Tips […]

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Don’t Kid Youself, Delusion is Great, In It’s Place

Delusion is unavoidably part of what we are. We condemn it in others but rely on it in ourselves. Conversely we also accept it socially and can use it destructively against ourselves.

It’s a necessary habit, but one that needs to be kept in check, and while it is perhaps socially necessary to deny that we lie, on a personal level we need to be more honest.

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