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Barry Winbolt MSc.

“If you want to improve any aspect of your life it helps to work with someone who knows how to do it. Whether change is something we seek or whether it is thrust upon us, we can seize the moment and use it as a starting point for creating the life we want.”

I am a brief psychotherapist, consultant and writer. I work with individuals and couples in Seaford, East Sussex, and also via Skype and phone with clients elsewhere in the UK and abroad.

My approach is Solution Focused, using Brief Therapy and practical methods including cognitive techniques, hypnosis, mindfulness, and visualisation. I was trained in the UK, France and the USA, I can work in both English and French.

Professionally, I am known for an engaging, dynamic and approachable style, and my ability to deliver a serious message in an accessible way. I believe that therapy, even when tackling serious topics, should be lighthearted, relaxed and forward-looking.

For more than 25  years I have helped people in many cultures to enhance the quality of their lives and relationships. Over the same period, I have provided professional training to organisations and for six years I taught Conflict Management at the University of London. For part of that time I was Chair of Conflict Resolution at the Institute of Family Therapy.

In 2011 I started ecotherapy workshops and retreats held in East Sussex. Under the banner of InnerLandscapes these innovative events combine workshop activities, the natural environment and the power of the group to facilitate transformation and change.

I have written three books. The latest, Solution Focused Brief Therapy for the Helping Professions was published in in 2011 by Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

“In my work with other people for the past 25 years I have been guided by a firm belief that we can reclaim control of our lives and live in a more purposeful and fulfilling way. My mantra has been “Life doesn’t have to be like that”. I have put this to the test and continue to learn, and to develop new approaches to working with others.”

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