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Things move on and I’ve evolved. The growth of online learning and the possibilities it offers are changing attitudes and methods in teaching and learning. When we want to learn something new, millions of us go straight to the web for what we need. This is a great resource which has changed how we learn, forever.

It has also changed me. I love all the techy stuff so I’ve willingly embraced the technology. As I’ve recently opened an online school it seems the right time to bring you up to date.

The story so far

I have been writing and delivering professional development training courses for over 25 years. I have worked for just about every kind of professional domain there is, in public, private and charity sectors, and several universities in the UK and overseas. I taught at the University of London for six years.

Whatever the topic I was covering, my primary focus has always been the development of the individual. Feedback from my workshops and courses consistently scored over 93% ‘satisfied’ or ‘highly satisfied’. I stopped counting when attendees at my events passed the 100,000 mark, some years ago.

Positive affirmation

That’s a lot of positive feedback. More importantly, those people contributed a huge amount to my experience. As I’ve continued learning myself throughout my career, they’ve shown me how best to make my training useful and practical.

Complemented by private therapy work my understanding of how to help people grow and develop has helped me do the same. I’m self-critical in my craft and driven by the belief that personal change for the better is always possible if one is given relevant, engaging, and useful information which one can understand and apply in one’s life.

Increasingly, I have come to realise that, if it fits these criteria, effective training can be brief. The current growth of online learning has proved the point, on a global scale.

A career move

For my part, this has been fortunate. As I reached what used to be called ‘retirement age’, I decided to gradually quit travelling. I began transferring my skills and training content to online learning. Though I still love working with people ‘live’, I now do most of my work via the web.

My introduction to this was a series of webinars I presented to global audiences for the organisation then known as PPC (this has since become Optum Health). As my interest in this area evolved and I began to see the potential for online learning and how it suited my career path, I shifted my focus to online learning.

The courses I have delivered for one global platform have, since 2017, reached 15,000 enrolments with a satisfaction rating of 84%. Not bad when you consider that the average course lasts around 60 minutes!

Barry Winbolt Online

My personal learning continues. In creating my own online training platform I’ve become proficient in web design, video and audio production and editing, the use of social media and virtual learning environments, and much more.

Since I launched my first blog in 2009 my writing has tightened up too. This has translated into my library of downloadable exercises and other materials to support my training.

So, now I’m ready. My Online Training School is open. Current courses are popular topics which have had the highest demand in my work elsewhere. There are several more in the pipeline, some paid, and some free. I’m also bringing back a refreshed programme of webinars and, as technology allows, I’ll be delivering more live online events and virtual coaching sessions.

To keep in touch with developments you can join my school and/or sign up for my newsletter here.

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