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Difficult Colleagues, What to Do

Workplace Conflict Resolution

Difficult people at work? We all know they exist, and mostly we work round them. But this general epithet ‘difficult person’ hides deep roots that are sometimes difficult to deal with. Eberybody has to rub along together at work, right? After all, most of us work in teams and being a team-player is understood to be a tstandard requirement…right? Well, of course not.

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Appreciative Inquiry

“The practice of asking positive questions not only brings out the best in people and organisations, it also amplifies and magnifies the most positive life giving possibilities for the future” (Whitney et al). This article will summarise some ideas central to Appreciative Inquiry with the aim of giving some understanding of the value of the […]

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Personal Consulting and Life Choices

Personal consulting life choices

Personal consulting helps with life choices. When you feel stuck, or you need someone to bounce ideas off, or talk them through before making an important decision.

I developed the model out of necessity, I’ve published an article explaining how and why.

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Why Brief Therapists Have More Fun

Brief Therapy

Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) is enjoying a surge in popularity across a range of professions. One reason for this is because, I believe, people in the helping professions are expected to do more with less.

But there’s another important reason that you won’t generally hear about; brief therapists have more fun.

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Cluttered office, cluttered mind?

There is a difference between ‘work in progress’, and a mess. Untidy office space damages relationships, performance, morale, and more.

It also broadcasts a message you might not want to share, but does a cluttered office necessarily say something about the occupant’s mind?

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Brief Therapy vs Counselling

There are so many approaches to therapy that it can be confusing trying to decide which is right for you. Such a wide variety of approaches produces a lot of debate, not least among therapists themselves who get into some pretty hot discussions about the right way to go about things.

Choosing between longer-term and brief therapy is more about what you want to achieve, than how you go about it.

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Mindfulness and the Mediator

References to ‘mindfulness’ in relation to mediation and dispute resolution are becoming increasingly common.
As with any term we are constantly exposed to, there is a risk that ‘familiarity breeds contempt’ and that rather than understanding what the term means (and its potential benefits) we presume understanding by association and look no further.

This article seeks to address this by offering some definitions, and then putting forward explanations of the reported benefits and applications of mindfulness.

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Our Basic (and Limited) Conflict Styles

Have you ever wondered why, despite so many best intentions, we still fly off the handle over something trivial?

Or perhaps when some well-intentioned soul tries to engage you on an important matter you just keep changing the subject? Why does this happen, and what can we do about it?

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The Talking Cure – Why It’s Good to Talk

At some point in our lives we can all benefit from talking to someone outside our family or friends about something that is troubling us. But how to go about finding someone? This articles outlines some popular schools of therapy and gives pointers on how to go about choosing a therapist.

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