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Those who can, do…

What happens when you decide to take time out and plan to change a life? This is the first instalment of my new journey. While I’m not sure exactly how it’ll turn out, I do know it’s taking me somewhere I want to go. Watch this space!

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Walking on eggshells, how to discuss sensitive issues

Difficult conversations

Most of us are careful about how we tackle sensitive issues with colleagues and family members. This article provides some pointers on how to go about raising a subject you have been avoiding, to help tackle delicate matters in a productive, fair and balanced way, and to be sure of getting the results you need. Getting the other person’s attention, striking the right note and ensuring that something changes is the challenge.

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Delusion is bliss


Delusion protects us, and it can provide pleasure. It is a useful skill, for example, to be able to put our cares aside and pretend so that we can get on with life, or being able to engage in the fantasy of a movie.
Also, compared with when we deceive others, there is less risk of getting caught when we delude ourselves.

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Let It Go (Again)

let go

Following my post Let It Go a few days ago I received a question. I’ve edited it, the gist was:

“How do I let go, if I cannot turn it into action? I would love some practical advice on this. It sounds so easy, but I find it very hard.”

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Your Vision – Without It You’re Stuck

visualisation, vision

You’ve heard the expression “Be careful what you wish for”. When we hold a belief that something will happen, it’s more likely to. This is generally associated with negative events, but it also applies to positive ones, like goals and aspirations. Successful people – especially the super-achievers – in any field know this. Every success […]

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Nobody Has An Ego


We can be quick to judge, and pop-psychology has given us some great concepts to help us.

If only we understood them well enough to use them.

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