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Fix a problem? The Cause Is No Solution

fix a problem

Looking back is easy, but it can be an ill-informed and lazy habit. Or a cop-out, or an excuse for doing nothing. Problem solving always happens after now, so look to the future and stop grubbing about in the past.

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Scapegoating is a naturally occurring aspect of human behaviour. It is widespread and, left unchecked, quickly causes anxiety and misery. It is often a response to insecurity or uncertainty though ironically it aggravates both. It can occur in virtually any social context or group: schools, the family, organisations and even nations.

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Workplace Relationships Count for a Lot

workplace relationships

Human relationships are like an organisation’s DNA. Healthy and robust relationships make for stronger and more successful companies. The quality of the relationships affects everything from levels of motivation and trust to overall performance. Poor working relationships, on the other hand, are huge contributor to under-performance, unnecessary running costs, staff turnover and more.

Despite the vital importance of how people interact at work peoples’ relationships in most organisations get no attention, until something goes wrong.

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How to Get On Without Giving In

all or nothing thinking, managing your stress

Progress that involves people is often obstructed by the way we think about the choices we must decide between. ‘Choice’ is a concept, and one which can be expanded or contracted at will.

The way we think determines what we are silling to see.

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Is Optimistic Thinking the Way Forward?

optimistic thinking, work with someone who over commits

Learning optimism and teaching ourselves to use it by choice can have far-reaching consequences that help create emotional and physical resilience.
The future hasn’t happened yet, which means that it is laced with possibilities. One of them is that we can choose how we go there (to the future that is).

You don’t have to be an optimist to think optimistically, and there are many reasons we it is worth our consideration.

For one thing, optimism is linked to resilience, so even if it doesn’t suit you to take a positive outlook, becoming more resilient should be of interest (because it’ll help you cope when things go wrong).

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Rudeness is Infectious

If you’ve ever worked in an unhappy office you’ll know what a downer it can be. In my work I have often spoken about organisational responsibility for a healthy workplace culture, but though some well-intentioned individuals are committed to it, most organisations do very little about actively fostering a positive culture. They do even less about stamping […]

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