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The Law of Attraction

I have often heard people mention The Law of Attraction.

As I understood it (I thought), it was something to do with Quantum Physics. Having watched this video, I realise that I’m not well informed enough to understand it.

But since when do you need to understand how something works for it to be effective?

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Anxiety Symptoms and How to Reduce Them

grief, anxiety symptoms

Anxiety affects us all at some time. Mostly we can reason with it, but occasionally we get stuck in a repetitive anxiety cycle that seems just impossible to break. Trying to understand it won’t work, we need to do something different.

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The Skills of Resilience Can Be Learned

yes-no choices, skills of resilience

The habits and skills of resilience can be acquired at any point in your life. All you need is the intention, and practice combined with self-awareness. When you are aware of how you think, feel and act, you have started on a path that will help you adapt and flourish. Building personal resilience focuses on […]

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