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Does an Obsession Make Me a Bad Person?

bad rap. obsession, goats

Referring of course to my occasional posts on the subject somebody, recently asked me “What is this ridiculous thing you have about goats, an obsession or what?”

Well, maybe, but do I detect a note of criticism? What’s THAT about?

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Sleep Debt is Cumulative, But You May Not Spot It

sleep debt

The impact of too little sleep may seem obvious. After all, we all know when we are tired, don’t we? Well, no, not always. One of the sneaky effects of accumulated sleep-loss is that we stop recognising the signs. Sleep debt builds without us being aware of it.

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Seven ways to change your thinking

what others think

By making a few conscious choices in your thinking style and learning to change your thinking you can start to retrain your mind to work better for you in stressful, demanding and challenging situations.

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Trust at work

In difficult economic times the relationship between employees and employers is often tested. Trust suffers and staff turnover increases. But it need not be so. Creating an ethical company is low cost and high-reward.

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The Customer Is King – Not Always!

If you work in a frontline job, dealing with the public can be tricky. Phrases like “The customer is always right”, and “The customer is king” colour beliefs about how we should treat people. They may be sound advice to help remind staff to stay focused on customer satisfaction, but this doesn’t mean that service […]

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The Sleep Spoilers

sleep habits, trouble sleeping

We all know the importance of routine for quality sleep. But some of our habits around bedtime have unintended, negative, affects.

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No Short Cut to Forgiveness, But Important

Forgiveness, Acceptance

It is important to be able to forgive. If you can do it, you have a choice – to offer forgiveness or not – but many people fall at the first hurdle because of a misunderstanding. Or should I say, a single omission.

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