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How to Understand and Measure Your Emotional Intelligence

This post has resources to help you understand and measure your Emotional Intelligence. Learn about your EI strengths, and how to develop them.

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Compassion Starts At Home

When we think of compassion we naturally think of it being directed towards others, but we must also have self-compassion, though for some people this is a challenge. Being compassionate can make you a better person, and help you flourish. Like charity, compassion starts at home, quite literally.

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You Can Change the Way You Feel

Attributing our moods, feelings or even our (lack of) of self-esteem to the judgements of others or events outside ourselves is a handy delusion which is useful as a buffer. It protects us for a time and satisfies the common need to blame when things go wrong. But it is no solution to feeling unhappy or upset, and the more we do it the more our feelings seem to control us. It is realtively easy to learn to control our feelings, but you may not like it enough to do it.

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