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Personal development includes activities which improve self-awareness confidence and identity, to develop skills and personal potential. The aim is to enhance prospects, quality of life and to contribute to the realisation of aspirations.

Learn How to Embrace Uncertainty

One of the great gifts bequeathed to us by our evolutionary development is the ability to predict – to make assumptions based upon past experience – which allows us to prepare for what will happen in a variety of situations. We make assumptions to save time and to reduce uncertainty, in this they are useful. But we need to distinguish where there is uncertainty that implies real risk, and the sort that just makes us feel uncomfortable. Lower levels of tolerance for uncertainty can make us risk averse, overly worried, and tend to draw conclusions prematurely.

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How Our Need to Make Up Meaning Can Deceive Us

Our need to make up meaning for things is so automatic we don't generally question it. Our minds provide an endless parade of interpretations and meanings in the personal soap opera we call thinking. There is another way, but you may not like it.

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