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Fix a problem? The Cause Is No Solution

fix a problem

Looking back is easy, but it can be an ill-informed and lazy habit. Or a cop-out, or an excuse for doing nothing. Problem solving always happens after now, so look to the future and stop grubbing about in the past.

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You Win Some, And You Lose Some

These are part of the same process and trying to separate them by focusing on one or the other creates an ‘either-or’ situation that can never really happen.

Thinking like that can distract you and stifle creativity, among other things.

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Over the Hill by 30? Think Again

“You’re over the hill by 30” (Einstien). It takes 10k hours of study to excel (Gladwell) Or, think again! Good stuff, creativity, originality and success continue happening way into old age. Before falling in line with society’s ageist propaganda, watch Jonathan Sackner-Bernstein.

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How to be Really Good at Being Bad

Do you find it’s easier to spot your failings and flaws than it is to celebrate your successes? Quite a lot of people do.

If it’s a habit that you’d like to change, start with what you are good at; rebuking yourself for your flaws and failings.

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“What Do You Do?”

Careless questions tend to produce dull answers.

But beware. When you respond to something that is routine and customary in the same way, you may be missing an opportunity AND doing yourself down.

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The Power of Not Yet…

Carol Qweck’s compelling talk explains the vital importance of believing we can improve, and gives pointers on helping those we influence to do the same.

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