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How to Get On Without Giving In

all or nothing thinking, managing your stress

Progress that involves people is often obstructed by the way we think about the choices we must decide between. ‘Choice’ is a concept, and one which can be expanded or contracted at will.

The way we think determines what we are silling to see.

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How to be Really Good at Being Bad

Do you find it’s easier to spot your failings and flaws than it is to celebrate your successes? Quite a lot of people do.

If it’s a habit that you’d like to change, start with what you are good at; rebuking yourself for your flaws and failings.

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No Such Thing as Quality Time

Trying to schedule ‘quality time’ is about as useful as ordering ourselves to ‘be spontaneous’.

If spontaneity is about seizing the moment, quality time is about creating the moment.

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Power Labels and Cop-Outs

When someone says, “It’s a power thing”, or “Power corrupts”… they are not providing a useful summary, they are telling you that they haven’t thought it through and are not likely to.

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Read the Small Print

Much or our behaviour, and our thinking too, is guided by out of date information.

Life is about opportunity, and there’s nothing in the small print that says we ‘should’ or ‘should not’.

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