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Keeping an Open Mind

Open mind good ā€“ closed mind bad; it is implied if not actually said.

The trouble is that even when the mind is open there is a sort of glass door just behind the opening that filters what comes in.

It’s no good having and open mind if it is only ‘open’ to what yo want to hear.

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My New Online Training School

Barry Winbolt's online school

Things move on and I’ve evolved. The growth of online learning and the possibilities it offers are changing attitudes, methods, and me too. My Online Training School is now open for business, and I’m refreshing my programme of free webinars.

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Listen Consciously to Live Fully

Continuing my series of relevant posts and videos for International Get Better At Listening Week: Here are five simple exercises to re-set your ears and enhance your listening. If you don’t care to listen well to others, then at least do it for yourself.   [ted id=1200]

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Listen Twice, Respond Once

Listening attentively

If you have no time to listen properly you run the risk of costly mistakes and time consuming corrections. Effective conversations only need to happen once.

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Think Small

Obsessing about the big picture can mean that we often fail to consider obvious solutions.

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