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This category relates to practical things to do for yourself. Exercises, quizzes and surveys, all aimed at encouraging reflection, skills development, insight, and learning.

An Emotionally Intelligent Way to Manage Tension and Stress

Adopting an emotionally intelligent way to manage stress will help you develop a skills set that goes far beyond the immediate problem of handling stress and pressure.

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Practising Mindfulness – Free Exercises and a Free Online Course

Mindfulness is developed through daily living. Any practice which helps to calm the inner thoughts, silence our inner voice, and focus on the present moment can be used to develop mindfulness. Here are some exercises to start.

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These Mindfulness Exercises Are an Antidote to Hurly-Burly

Here's a freebie to help you when demand is too much. This free download guidance on how to transform your daily routines into simple Mindfulness exercises. You may not become enlightened, but you can become much lighter. Use this download and take some time to focus your thinking.

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