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This category relates to practical things to do for yourself. Exercises, quizzes and surveys, all aimed at encouraging reflection, skills development, insight, and learning.

Acceptance – Not an Intellectual Exercise

One of the greatest challenges that a person can face is that of learning to accept the things that they don't like. A core component of the healthy and resilient mindset is acceptance. Though the challenge of learning acceptance can be more insurmountable than the original problem, the payoffs are huge. Writing a post on acceptance is another challenge, it means opening a can of worms... Some concepts don't lend themselves to being written down like recipes.

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Get It Done – How to Bring Your Project to Life

A friend in Canada recently told me about Stephen Pressfield's book, Do the Work. I recommend it. If you have a project you haven't been able to get off the ground this little book will give you some perspectives on why that might be, and what to do about it.

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Reframe, But Not Until You’re Ready

Our beliefs and the explanation we give ourselves have a huge impact on how we experience life. Even, in some cases, if we live at all. Explanations rule when it comes to how we respond to events, that's why multiple explanations can make us more resilient. But take your time.

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