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How to Help Someone Change Their Mind

help someone change their mind

What do you do if you are caught in a situation where someone won’t see things from your point of view?

Maybe they stick doggedly to their own position, as in a disagreement or conflict, or maybe they are simply unable to see things from another perspective.

It has taken me a long time to learn to let others live their lives in the way of their choosing, without getting upset when they won’t see it my way.

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How To Be Happy (Yawn)

History has taught us many things, they say. It’s probably more accurate to say that throughout history we have been able to teach ourselves a lot of things.

Except, that is, in the two things where it matters most.

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Workplace Relationships Count for a Lot

workplace relationships

Human relationships are like an organisation’s DNA. Healthy and robust relationships make for stronger and more successful companies. The quality of the relationships affects everything from levels of motivation and trust to overall performance. Poor working relationships, on the other hand, are huge contributor to under-performance, unnecessary running costs, staff turnover and more.

Despite the vital importance of how people interact at work peoples’ relationships in most organisations get no attention, until something goes wrong.

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Reach Out As Well As In

It’s easy to forget in our self-obsessed and pressured daily lives that contact with others helps not only them, but us as well.

Small gestures can work wonders.

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