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A New Slant On Difficult Behaviour

A New Slant on Difficult Behaviour

If you have to deal with a difficult person regularly you’ll know that it can be a pain. It may be a minor irritant, but at its worst, persistent difficult behaviour can force you to leave your job and/or make you ill.

Believe it or not, there’s a good side. Here’s why I think that is.

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Rudeness at Work Can Go Viral Too

rudeness at work, workplace culture

Healthy workplalce culture has to be worked at and maintained. I often come across staff who blame the managers, and managers who blame employees. The fact is, everyone is responsible for their own behaviour, and it all conributes to the culture.

The thing to remember is that rudeness and lack of consideration are toxic to any relationship, and work is no exception.

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Difficult Colleagues, What to Do

Workplace Conflict Resolution

Difficult people at work? We all know they exist, and mostly we work round them. But this general epithet ‘difficult person’ hides deep roots that are sometimes difficult to deal with. Eberybody has to rub along together at work, right? After all, most of us work in teams and being a team-player is understood to be a tstandard requirement…right? Well, of course not.

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Why Anger Managent Solutions So Often Fail

solution focused anger management

Anger management often fails because of widespread misunderstandings about the nature of anger and our beliefs about it.
Solution Focused Anger Management avoids the pitfalls from the word go.

It provides an opportunity to approach anger differently. But first, deal with the myths.

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