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Resilience refers to a person’s ability to function well in the face of high demand, unwanted change, challenge, or adversity. Resilient people are better able to deal with adversity and to rise to a challenge constructively.

Resilience is built of a set of characteristics that most people possess, more or less. We are naturally stronger in some areas than in others, which means that we can play to our strengths, and recognise and develop our characteristics where they are under-developed or lacking.

Being more resilient doesn’t mean the unexpected or challenging events don’t happen, but it does mean that you’ll cope with them – even take them in your stride – in ways that make you more productive and boost your confidence about life’s demands and adversities.

Coping – How to Know You Have Spare Capacity

Our ability to cope diminishes as pressure increases. It's a subtle process and so it's easy to miss the signs of impending burnout. Learning to monitor yourself to ensure that you have sufficient spare capacity is critical to resilience and performance under pressure

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Resilience: Feel Better and Get More Done

Resilience is not something people either have. We've all surprised ourselves at some time by handling a tricky situation better than expected. We all have the ability to bounce back from adversity. Some more than others, but it can be learned and developed. What is more, small daily shifts and changes are all that is required to get things going.

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