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Scapegoating is a naturally occurring aspect of human behaviour. It is widespread and, left unchecked, quickly causes anxiety and misery. It is often a response to insecurity or uncertainty though ironically it aggravates both. It can occur in virtually any social context or group: schools, the family, organisations and even nations.

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Do You Ever Wish You Could Hit the Pause Button?

pause button

Here are five tips to help you reclaim your day by pressing the pause button.
Remember when video recorders came along and for the first time we could pause the action to answer the phone or make a cup of tea? What a boon that was.
But at work it is almost as if the opposite is true, there doesn’t seem to be a pause button for email, mobile phones, and multiple demands.

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Time Management Resource Sheet

Time management resource

A colleague asked me if I have anything on Time Management and I remembered a resource sheet that I’d written some time ago.

I thought I’d share it with you. I hope you find it useful, or maybe share it with someone who you think it might help.

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We Know How to Do It, But We Don’t

Things may be hopeless, but that doesn’t mean we are powerless. The thing is, it’s easier to go with herd mentality than it is to stay true to our personal values, so we compromise by refusing to challenge the things we don’t like.

It’s the road to hell.

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This Stress-Busting Technique Can Be a Life-Changer


One of the difficulties – perhaps the main one – when trying to manage stress is that we are not generally good at spotting the warning signs. Here’s a technique I’ve been teaching to clients and workshop attendees for a good few years now. See what you think.

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Can Shouting Change Behaviour?

Happy bunnies don’t cause trouble, as I often say. So when someone raises their voice it gives clues as to how to respond to them. Best not to listen to the words until you’ve created a channel for empathetic communication.

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“Could Do Better”, 6/10

Reframe criticism

There are times when we could all do better. In my case, that probably means quite a lot of the time, but I don’t let it get in the way.

Criticism works two ways. I don’t know about you, but it generally doesn’t spur ME on to do better. But when it is put into context with a little explanation, that’s a different story.

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