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Counselling – How to Choose The Right Therapist For You

The decision to seek counselling for a personal problem is a good start, but the next one – choosing a therapist – can seem even more challenging. 

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Being Afraid of Therapy Is Based On Three Things

Fear of therapy is a very real phenomenon. It's a sad fact that many people are deprived of help because of three objections based on their beliefs about counselling and therapy. This video explains.

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Therapy Myths – Good Reasons for Avoiding Therapy?

If you have ever given half a thought to getting professional help with something that is affecting your wellbeing, but decided against it, it may be time to do something different now. Remember that sometimes the best idea is the first idea, not the ones that come along later, especially if they keep you stuck where you are.

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Ecotherapy – How Contact With Nature Aids Wellbeing

Ecotherapy creates opportunities for people to engage more purposefully with their lives, so they are able to care more for others and their surroundings. This isn't just a 'nice to have', it is vital to cope with rising demand.

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We’ve been Talking About It Ever Since the Garden of Eden

Our language is littered with gardening metaphors. I suppose that's because we have been in contact with the earth throughout human history and that connection has shaped many of our expressions. It has also given us an innate understanding of how to help things grow and flourish in all areas of our lives, and the things that need weeding out if our relationships are to continue to provide nourishment and beauty year after year.

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“It Gets Worse Before It Gets Better.” I Don’t Think So.

I recently read a post on a mental health blog which said “Talking therapy is great, but things get worse before they get better, so you have to stick with it." This is a misguided over-generalisation that can do harm. If one of my clients feels worse at the end of the session, then it is not the end of the session.

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