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Positive Psychology Means Less Psychologizing

positive psychology

Favouring simplicity, self-awareness and personal strengths, positive psychology brings a greater sense of control for clients. In many cases, self-help techniques can be as effective as therapy.

Its all a question of viewpoint.

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It Doesn’t Have to Work to be Effective


Don’t get to hung up on whether something ‘works’ or not, because it may still be effective.

Mechanical things work or don’t work, but not everything is mechanical, and scientific evaluation is not equally useful in all cases.

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When Going It Alone is Lonely and Also Stupid

top of the tree, Dealing with uncertainty. DIY Therapy

There’s a powerful drive in some people to be self-sufficient, which is great. It can become a problem though if it means you get stuck with a problem that would benefit from a fresh perspective.

There are times when in all of our lives when we need help. It takes wisdom to know when that is, and courage to reach out.

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Change Is Based On Existing Abilities

Brief Therapy

Although we usually think of therapy as being about change, it’s often more accurate to say that it is about doing more of what you already know how to do well. It’s not so much about change, as it is about identification and amplification.

If you can do that in the right way, you won’t need a therapist.

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