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Wellbeing refers to our subjective experience. Our attitudes and beliefs about ourselves and how we feel, rather than objective assessments of psychological and physical health.

A Simple Guide to Staying Well

As a 'thank you' for the support I've had from readers since I started this blog, I have published my definitive guide to to staying well. (I can't be sure that it really is definitive, but then nothing really is). Maybe it's more of a thoughtful guide, at least I hope, thought-provoking. I'd add an emoticon but there isn't one for tongue-in-cheek (is there?).

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Use Your Cooking Skills a Recipe for Life

If you have the wherewithal to choose exotic ingredients, and the skill to mix them creatively, the results might be fantastic, or, if it goes wrong, catastrophic. On the other hand, though an exotic recipe might sound tempting, don't overlook the ingredients you already have.

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Why We Should Welcome Solitude for Balance and Peace

My latest video explains why we should seek out solitude. It provides a chance to rediscover yourself, and your life. By choosing to step away from the Hurley-burley you can create moments of peace and rediscovery. 

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