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Wellbeing refers to our subjective experience. Our attitudes and beliefs about ourselves and how we feel, rather than objective assessments of psychological and physical health.

Single Session Phobia Cure

A is an extreme and recurrent anxiety response. Phobia sufferers often don’t believe that anything can help them, there are proven Brief Therapy techniques for dealing effectively with a phobia. This means finding a practitioner who has had the appropriate training, and the purpose of this post is to point you in the right direction.

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When Going It Alone is Lonely and Also Stupid

There's a powerful drive in some people to be self-sufficient, which is great. It can become a problem though if it means you get stuck with a problem that would benefit from a fresh perspective. There are times when in all of our lives when we need help. It takes wisdom to know when that is, and courage to reach out.

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Why Solitude Is Necessary for Our Inner Wellbeing

Being alone does not mean being lonely, and we can experience loneliness when in company. We generally don’t choose loneliness and it can be painful. Solitude, on the other hand, is usually a choice and the experience can be one of joy and deep satisfaction. it also seems that the capacity to be alone and content with it acts as a necessary tonic in our oh-so-busy lives.

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Do You Ever Wish You Could Hit the Pause Button?

Here are five tips to help you reclaim your day by pressing the pause button. Remember when video recorders came along and for the first time we could pause the action to answer the phone or make a cup of tea? What a boon that was. But at work it is almost as if the opposite is true, there doesn't seem to be a pause button for email, mobile phones, and multiple demands.

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