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Keeping an Open Mind

Open mind good – closed mind bad; it is implied if not actually said.

The trouble is that even when the mind is open there is a sort of glass door just behind the opening that filters what comes in.

It’s no good having and open mind if it is only ‘open’ to what yo want to hear.

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Confidently Ignore Mental Chatter

Lack of confidence isn’t the absence of something, it’s the opposite, the presence of something.

When we are about to try something new – or do anything that takes us out of our comfort zone – we can be assailed by unwanted and intrusive thoughts, feelings and images.

We can ignore them, you know.

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Why Does the Cat Always Get It?

We tend to stuck in our ways with our thinking. This restricts our viewpoint and limits our possibilities.

Next time you are in a queue, or waiting somewhere with nothing to do, try this.

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