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Wellbeing refers to our subjective experience. Our attitudes and beliefs about ourselves and how we feel, rather than objective assessments of psychological and physical health.

Dodgy Thinking and Allergic Reactions to Life

Food intolerance is widespread and we are increasingly well informed about what we eat. We take great care to ensure we don’t ingest things that are toxic to our bodies. But we totally ignore the list of things that do us harm mentally. We happily and ignorantly indulge in daily habits that, to us a technical term “do our heads in." If we can spot the common allergens we can do something about them and make wiser choices.

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Therapy Myths – Good Reasons for Avoiding Therapy?

If you have ever given half a thought to getting professional help with something that is affecting your wellbeing, but decided against it, it may be time to do something different now. Remember that sometimes the best idea is the first idea, not the ones that come along later, especially if they keep you stuck where you are.

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DIY Mental Health

A core idea driving this blog is that we reclaim our psychological and spiritual wellbeing. To do this we normalise much of what has been seen as ‘mental health issues’, accepting that unhappiness and its derivatives are part of life, and relearn the tolerance and skills that will help us through them. This is a big subject, and one which affects us all. There is much we can do for ourselves.

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How to Have a Harmonious Life

The trouble with aspirations is that they can seem out of reach. But that's the way they should be isn't it? If they were attainable, we'd either have them, or we'd know that we've almost got them. They wouldn't be aspirations, they'd be something else. Aspirations can act like a guiding star, they tell us which way to go, where to direct our efforts. They are also abstract; things like happiness, wealth, wellbeing... and harmony. Aspirations shape our thought and actions, so they are about how we think and act, not about things we have.

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