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Workplace Relationships Count for a Lot

workplace relationships

Human relationships are like an organisation’s DNA. Healthy and robust relationships make for stronger and more successful companies. The quality of the relationships affects everything from levels of motivation and trust to overall performance. Poor working relationships, on the other hand, are huge contributor to under-performance, unnecessary running costs, staff turnover and more.

Despite the vital importance of how people interact at work peoples’ relationships in most organisations get no attention, until something goes wrong.

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How Trying to be Perfect Can Make You Stupid

Try to be perfect

I was reminded of this recently – and not for the first time – while I was presenting a workshop to managers in a large organisation. We had some serious discussion about what their expectations were of themselves and their performance at work.

And it’s not just at work that this happens.

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Tidal Waters Can Deceive You

Go with the flow

‘Go with the flow’ gets misunderstood. It’s a philosophy that has served me well, but I’ve found that a lot of people don’t agree.

Some seem to think life should be a struggle or a fight, and others think that “go with the flow” is some sort of passive, fatalistic, hippy mantra. Time for a rethink?

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Rudeness at Work Can Go Viral Too

rudeness at work, workplace culture

Healthy workplalce culture has to be worked at and maintained. I often come across staff who blame the managers, and managers who blame employees. The fact is, everyone is responsible for their own behaviour, and it all conributes to the culture.

The thing to remember is that rudeness and lack of consideration are toxic to any relationship, and work is no exception.

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