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I’ll be launching my virtual meetups soon. The idea is to be able to speak directly to you, my readers, and to reach the parts that writing just doesn’t reach. It’ll all happen via live-streamed video, and we’ll be able to chat during each 30-minute session.

For some years now, I’ve been wanting to do regular online get-togethers. I’ve decided to do it via YouTube. This has been prompted by the questions and comments from my blog and from people I meet at my training events.

When and where?

Thursdays, 6.00 pm GMT, on my Youtube channel.

What’s on offer

What have I got to offer? In the hurly-burly of daily life it is easy to let your own agenda slip. Some people say they don’t have time to think about themselves, others believe that their dreams are impossible or that they are incapable of reaching them.

However resourceful, successful, fit, fulfilled and well… just OK you are, you’ve surely known times when your normal talent for getting it right abandoned you.

From time to time any of us can find ourselves momentarily in the doldrums, unsure of which way to move next, or simply in need of a chance to step off the treadmill and plan.

Themed sessions

Each Meetup will be themed, led by questions and comments from my blog.

What’s your question?

Or, perhaps you’d simply like to be better at something. Maybe, reach a goal, improve your situation or handle stress and pressure better.

If you’d like to see a particular theme discussed, or have a question, send me a message, below.

Whatever the challenge or dilemma, there’s always something you can do about it, and THAT’S where I come in. There will be themed topics – which I’ll announce in advance – and as well as Q&A during the session, you’ll be able to post your questions here.

My strapline has always been “Life doesn’t have to be like that”, so if there’s something you’d like to change or improve in your life, then tune in via my YouTube channel on Thursdays and see where it takes you.

Eash 30 minute session will be themed around some of the most popular topics on my blog; for example, relationships, personal resilience, changing your mood a=or dealing with a particular challenge like loss or major life change.

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