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Things move on and I’ve evolved. The growth of online learning and the possibilities it offers are changing attitudes and methods in teaching and learning. When we want to learn something new, millions of us go straight to the web for what we need. This is a great resource which has changed how we learn, forever.

It has also changed me. I love all the techy stuff so I’ve willingly embraced the technology. As I’ve recently opened an online school it seems the right time to bring you up to date.

I have been writing and delivering professional development training courses for over 25 years. Success and positive feedback has shaped me, what I do, and now, how I do it. (This is the short version, find the full story here.)

My Online School

My personal learning continues. In creating my own online training platform I’ve become proficient in web design, video and audio production and editing, the use of social media and virtual learning environments.

I have translated my most popular topics into low cost, easy to digest, online courses. I’m now accredited as an online trainer, and my courses will be CPD accredited (some are, the rest are in the process).

So, now I’m ready. My Online Training School is open. Current courses are popular topics which have had the highest demand in my work elsewhere. There are several more in the pipeline, some paid, and some free.

I’m also bringing back a refreshed programme of webinars and, as technology allows, I’ll be delivering more live online events and virtual coaching sessions. I’ll be posting details of titles as they are planned. For now, I can say that these are already in the programme:

  • Developing Emotional Intelligence
  • Handling Difficult People
  • Boosting Personal Resilience
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Managing Conflict and Disputes.

My webinars are free. They provide an overview of the topic with some practical steps to improve your expertise. I also signpost how to develop your skills in the given area in each case.

It would help me if…

To keep in touch with news on my webinars, online training and other events you can join my school and/or sign up for my newsletter here.

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