blog comment guidelines

I love to get your comments and so do other readers. One of the main ideas driving this blog is that it should stimulate thought and prompt discussion, so please share your reactions and ideas. 

There are a few guidelines because unfortunately, as any blogger knows, we can be invaded by spam and phoney comments like promotional material which aren’t in the right spirit.

So please leave your comments, but first, please take a moment to familiarise yourself

Use Your Real Name if Possible

The general rule of thumb is to use a real name as often as possible. Using your real name goes a long way in gaining the trust of the blogger and shows that you aren’t trying to leave spam or self-promoting comments.

No need to be ‘clever’

Some people are worried about commenting because they think they have to be deep, insightful or ‘clever’. Other’s worry about how they express themselves in English. Neither should be an obstacle. 

Authenticity is what it’s all about. Share your ideas and encourage others to respond.

No Link Dropping!

A blog comment is not a personal ad platform! Unless you are linking to a report that backs up your statement, please don’t add a link in the comment, especially not a link to your web page.

Avoid “Great Post!” 

Nothing smells of spam more than a comment like “great article” or “very useful information”. Sure, I love compliments who doesn’t? But please back up your comments with why you appreciate the post. Sincere comments about what the content means to you or why you think the topic is valuable help other readers too. 

Contribute To The Conversation

It’s OK to disagree, just keep it socially acceptable and civil. And if you think the blog post missed a few pointers, there’s something you’d like to challenge, or you have a question, please, please share a comment. If it requires an answer from me, you’ll get one.

If its advice you want

Please don’t use the comment box, but send me your question or request via one of the feedback forms like the one on my home page. That way, it will only be seen by you and me, which is more appropriate for personal matters.

Talk To The Other Commenters

Blogs are inherently social in nature, which means you can interact with me as well as the other commenters. Start a dialogue with someone in the comments (as long as it stays relevant) instead of just leaving a general comment about the blog. Sometimes the back-and-forth in the comment section becomes more interesting than the blog post itself!

Let’s Get Started!

There’s no time like the present. Share your comment below, now, why not? What do you think of these guidelines? Have I missed anything? How can I encourage you (and others) to post more comments and share your valuable ideas on my posts?

Over to you, I look forward to sharing.

I’m a psychologist, coach, and therapist. All my work is aimed at enabling people to improve personal aspects of their lives and work.