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Difficult People; How to Handle Difficult Behaviour – E-book

The only guide you'll ever need. Keep it with you 24/7 on your computer, phone or tablet.

This book is the only guide you'll need for handling difficult behaviour. Accessible, readable and informative, it contains essential 'how to' information for solving relationship problems.

It will give you new insights into those ‘impossible’ situations that cause so much anguish, stress and lost time. Over 200 highly readable pages of information and practical tips to help handle those nasty situations that obstruct us at work, interfere with our sleep and disrupt our lives. It is clearly written, highly readable, and filled with credible information and guidance for those wanting to become better at dealing with challenging behaviour in others.

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About the Book

From the author’s preface to the new edition:

“I originally wrote Difficult People with the workplace in mind. I drew on my work and experiences as a trainer and consultant. After publication, though, people started to tell me that the ideas, tips and strategies contained in the book were helping them to tackle difficult relationships in their private lives as well.

“It was no surprise to me that this happened. Difficult behaviour is not limited to any single context or situation. It is a facet of all human interactions that conflict and disagreements can arise. The conduct of participants will decide how well, or badly, such differences are handled. Though many people initially read the book so that they could handle an issue arising at work with more confidence, they discovered a positive side-effect in improved relationships across the board.

“As well as people from just about every kind of workplace you can imagine, I received glowing testimonials telling me how the ideas in the book had helped in non-work situations.”
“Parenting, family disputes, cantankerous relatives, teenagers, jealous partners, even acrimonious divorce… all sorts of relationships, it seems, have benefitted from this book.

“Why should this be? Learning how to handle someone else’s difficult behaviour inevitably involves learning about ourselves. We can’t control other people directly to change their behaviour, but we have unlimited control over our reactions and responses to that behaviour.

“And that’s where the real power lies. Difficult behaviour always happens in the context of a relationship. Once you have grasped the steps needed to deal with, say, someone who treats you badly at work, inevitably you will know how to tackle corresponding behaviour in any other sphere.”

The ideas in this book can be applied wherever there are people; in work, family, or social spheres. The key is to identify the pattern of behaviour you’d like to change, and to interrupt the pattern by managing how you respond. Simple as it sounds, this is not always easy to do, but this book will tell you how.

Genres: Non-fiction, Self-help
Tags: Communication, Difficult People, Relationships
Publisher: ISR Publishing
Publication Year: 2017
Format: e-Book
Length: 200 pages
ISBN: 9780954168636

List Price: £5.25
eBook Price: £5.25
"A really useful guide in non-specialist language to helping out in difficult situations with plenty of examples. In my particular that case it helped me to defuse repeated incidents with an unpleasant woman without losing my credibility and importantly, without humiliating the person concerned. Thank you, Barry Winbolt." (via
– Richard Hyde
"A superb book, well worth reading if you are dealing with member of the public in any area, health, retail , receptionist hotels etc It really explains how we don't know what is going on in others lives."
– Margerette Grinyer
"I'm delighted to see Barry Winbolt's excellent book, Difficult People, now updated and available on Kindle. I had the pleasure of reading the original paperback version many years ago and recommended it to colleagues and friends. We don't need to go along with unacceptable behaviour. Barry's book guides us through strategies for dealing with people and how to recognise patterns of behaviour that can lead to tricky situations, and exactly what to do about them; often before they get confrontational. Throughout the book are helpful real life scenarios. To anyone interested in dealing with the vagaries of human nature, whether at work (difficult colleagues or bosses) or in our own interpersonal relationships with families and friends, Barry Winbolt's, Difficult People, will prove invaluable. I cannot recommend this book highly enough."

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