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Difficult People; How to Handle Difficult Behaviour

Dozens of proven tips, tactics and techniques to put you in control.

This book has over 100 proven techniques, tactics and tips for handling difficult behaviour. You'll be amazed how a few simple shifts can allow you to be in control and master conversations so that things go your way.

About the Book
Genres: Non-fiction, Self-help
Tags: Communication, Difficult People, Relationships
Publisher: ISR Publishing
Publication Year: 2005
Format: Paperback
Length: 220 pages
ISBN: 0954168607

List Price: £9.95
I was attracted to it by the style of writing. Easy to read and I was drawn in by the narrative style and the frequent case studies; the bonus, for me, is the scripts for handling the seven different types of 'characters' outlined in the second half of the book. I think everyone should read this book.
– Amazon Customer
This is an unusual book. Not in its subject matter - the importance of the topic cannot be stressed enough - but in the way it emphasises that the time, energy and sheer human potential we waste through bad communication is stunning. Barry Winbolt looks at how and why things work for those among us who always seem to bring out the best in difficult situations. There are several points where his determination to be positive could slip into a bland Californian-guru style, but, fortunately, it avoids the pitfall. And there are many areas that have been examined before, but Winbolt manages to imbue them with a new strength, energy and, above all, relevance. My profession (nursing) contains many committed professionals who no longer know how to feel safe enough to express their fears and feelings and who, all too often, end up leaving altogether. I have recommended this book to a number of my friends and colleagues. Now I am recommending it to you.
– Greta McGough RMN
This was recommended to me for work, and as I work with customers face-to-face I found it very applicable and easy to get into. The author is a professional therapist, and gets his points across in clear and insightful ways. The points do need to be taken on board and are not easy to put into practice - it does require you to change your thinking and to put in the work - and that has actually helped me a great deal not just in work situations, but in my personal life too. I've actually been able to identify issues with friends (and those people on the edges of my social circle with whom I have had a strained and stressful relationship in the past) and been able to work through these issues in different ways. Very pleased to have a copy!
– M.Y. Julian-Jones

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