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The jackdaws come

Every morning early

Near my table.

5 Responses to “Breakfast Haiku”

  1. How about?

    Clouds that hover overhead
    Sometimes bear raindrops
    Or uncover light


  2. Glad you like the haiku. Here’s one I wrote on the train (happily delayed) last night:

    Train travels to its station
    Sitting safely here
    But not my destination

    Unusually for haiku, it has a rhythm but atypically it’s not about nature other than human nature.

  3. Light shining in the darkness
    Illuminates it
    Also casting shadow there

    The garden here silences
    All thought of discord
    Silencing all thought

    Sounds of the sea are recalled
    In the conch-shell of
    Memory if listening

    Are we just crazy for haiku?


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