caring for the carer

A Workplace Webinar

“Two-thirds of working carers have given up career opportunities because of other responsibilities” – People Management survey

We often think of carers in solely that role, but the truth is that most carers also have jobs. Caring for a dependent relative can be demanding, when combined with work and career, it can prove devastating for the employee and the employer.

Managing the day-to-day demands of the two roles and dealing with the necessary concerns for the health and wellbeing of the person being cared for can take a lot of effort and energy. But the carer’s own needs should not be neglected. 

This webinar session covers the key points to consider in order to remain on top of your game when caring and having to manage and managing other commitments. 

Resilience refers to the personal robustness that enables you to perform consistently in demanding and stressful situations. The ability to ‘bounce back’ and maintain a balanced view of life helps protects you and means that you are better able to meet the demands placed upon you. 

This is particularly true for long-term carers, many of whom also have demanding jobs. Resilient people demonstrate good morale, respect for the individual, and an ability to engage with others despite the daily demands that are made of them. 


  • How caring for a dependent person can be a personal dilemma
  • Carer stress other challenges carers typically face
  • Three ways to remain more resilient
  • How to maintain a productive outlook 
  • Dealing with one’s own emotions
  • How and where to find support
  • Eating, drinking and sleeping 
  • Listening to the ‘self’ as well as others
  • Guidelines for caring for the carer.


Understand the range of demands a carer must respond to 

Gain insight into balancing the demands of work and home life

Become more comfortable in responding to the cared-for

Know how to plan in a structured and goal-oriented way 

Reflect on and develop your natural resilience skills 

Recognise the risks from over-demand and the early action points.

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