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You Can Change the Way You Feel

Attributing our moods, feelings or even our (lack of) of self-esteem to the judgements of others or events outside ourselves is a handy delusion which is useful as a buffer. It protects us for a time and satisfies the common need to blame when things go wrong. But it is no solution to feeling unhappy or upset, and the more we do it the more our feelings seem to control us. It is realtively easy to learn to control our feelings, but you may not like it enough to do...

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Cluttered Office, Cluttered Mind?

There is a difference between ‘work in progress’, and a mess. Untidy office space damages relationships, performance, morale, and more. It also broadcasts a message you might not want to share, but does a cluttered office necessarily say something about the occupant's mind?

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Brooding is Just Rehearsing Your Failures

Reflection is good, brooding is not. But how do you break the cycle of negative thinking? It is great that human beings can reflect and learn from experience, but that is not the same as destructively dwelling on things. Going over things again and again serves no useful purpose and may well reinforce the sense of failure. It's a habit worth breaking.

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Self-Hatred is Not an Accurate Reflection

Beliefs about ourselves are rarely accurate. In general we tend to over-estimate how good we are at things, but when we are depressed we do the opposite. Wellbeing doesn't seem to be about accurate self-appraisal, it is more a question of using our imagination creatively.

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