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Being Authentic Means Being Yourself, Honestly

In a world that is constantly making demands on us, where we urged to fit in. Our expectations and those of others can lead us to shape an image of ourselves that doesn't reflect who we truly are.

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Writing about One Problem Often Shows Up Others That Are More Important

If your thinking gets stuck, here's an idea that can help unblock things: start writing. Writing longhand, the old fashioned way start a reflective process that will keep working, even while you sleep.

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If You Want Success Use Your Imagination

By altering mental imagery, it has been shown that people can bring about emotional change., alleviating psychological pain including anxiety, sadness, and low mood,[ It is also used to promote healing, to manage physical pain, to alter mood and improve confidence and self-esteem. 

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Kintsugi – Reframe Your Imperfections

Kintsugi emerged as a response to the prevailing mindset that considered a broken object as irreparably damaged. The philosophy of Kintsugi is not a call to flawlessness, but as an invitation to celebrate your unique narrative. Here's how you can apply this in your own development.

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