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Responding to Difficult Behaviour – Four Things to Know

If you feel underpowered when responding to difficult behaviour, you are not alone. Most of us make some common mistakes. These four points are a game-changer.

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Unconditional Love? Try Listening Unconditionally

To love someone unconditionally may be more of an ideal than an achievable goal, but it is a worthy reminder and useful advice in shaping our own behaviour. Still, it is probably out of reach for most mortals. On the other hand, listening unconditionally is something we can practice, and there may be a link to love.

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Rudeness at Work Can Go Viral Too

Healthy workplalce culture has to be worked at and maintained. I often come across staff who blame the managers, and managers who blame employees. The fact is, everyone is responsible for their own behaviour, and it all conributes to the culture. The thing to remember is that rudeness and lack of consideration are toxic to any relationship, and work is no exception.

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